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HTC Desire HD OTA Firmware Released

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has released a fresh firmware update over the air for the HTC Desire HD, one that bears the software number 1.32.405.3.

HTC says on its support page that the update will bring new features and improved performance with "Screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements" added at the end of the post.

Users have been warned to use a Wi-Fi connection because of the size of the update and that their content will remain intact although they'd still recommend backing up personal data first.

The HTC Desire HD has been launched last month and is now widely available in the UK. The release of an OTA firmware update could mean that there *might* be some issues.

There are rumours pointing to proximity sensor problems, similar to the one that affected the iPhone 4 at launch and was solved subsequently.

The phone, which has superseded the HTC Desire as the top of the range Android handset of the company, is packed with some impressive technology (more here) and comes with a rather low pricetag.

Mobilephonesdirect for example sells it on T-Mobile with a free 8GB microSD card for as little as £30 per month with 900 minutes, 1GB data and 500 texts on a two year contract.