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HTC Windows Phone 7 Meetup Tonight, New Phones Coming Up

HTC is organising an event this evening in London at Notting Hill's Supperclub and is expecting around 300 HTC fans, guests and journalists to turn up to celebrate the company's new range of HTC handset based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7

These include the HTC HD7, the HTC 7 Pro, the HTC 7 Mozart, the HTC 7 Trophy and the HTC 7 Surround (ed : have ALL of them been actually launched in the UK?). HTC promises to have food, drinks music and "some shiny news phones" to check out.

Anyone looking for an invite should use the Twitter tag #HTCLON or get in touch with HTC via the dedicated Facebook event page here. Note that the event is 18+ and will last until 10pm.

The company has issued nearly 900 invites for the event; HTC has been carpet-bombing mobile phone operators with almost a dozen of Android and Windows Phone 7 devices over the last few weeks, in addition to existing Windows Mobile handsets already in the channel.

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