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Italy Demands Three-day Warning Before Google Street View Car Deployment

Italian privacy regulators have ordered Google to give residents 3 days notice before deploying its Google Street View cars.

The move is a part of the additional measures outlined by Italian privacy regulators to make the people aware when and where the Google Street View cars will be taking pictures so that they don't get photographed without prior knowledge.

According to Italian daily newspaper La Stampa, Google will also have to publish the schedule of Google Street View cars in local newspapers and announce it on the radio to make certain everyone is aware of their plans.

The company has also been asked to mark its vehicles clearly to make them more easily recognisable, despite the fact that the cars have a huge camera mounted on top of them.

Privacy Authority President Francesco Pizzetti, said in a statement: “There has been strong alarm and also hostility in a lot of European countries against Google taking photos. We have received protests even from local administrations.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.