Nokia Ovi App Store Gets 2.7 Million Downloads Per Day

Nokia has announced that its Ovi app store is receiving 2.7 million downloads every day.

According to Mobile Business Briefing, the company said that out of the 2.7 million downloads, 1.9 million are for apps.

The new numbers indicate that the customers are adopting to its Ovi app store pretty fast, but it still has a long way to go before it catches-up with Apple's 10 million per-day App Store downloads.

The company said that “the growing popularity of the Ovi experience has meant that, by the end of the quarter, 70 developers and publishers had surpassed the million download mark for their content in the Ovi Store.”

Nokia recently introduced new changes in the Ovi store, including free Java and Symbian signing, the capability to make in-app purchases, better analytics for developers and new development tools.

Nokia's own Ovi applications are growing in popularity. The company now has more than 6 million active Ovi Life Tool users and 17 million Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat accounts.