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Rovio To Intro Angry Birds Plush Toys Range

Angry Birds Developer Rovio has unveiled a new range of plush toys although it has yet to say when they will go on sale and how much they will cost.

Techcrunch posted the photos of the nice little stuff toys and it is likely that they will be available just on time for Christmas.

Rovio, which has retained the rights for Angry Birds, is already selling T-shirts in the US and in EU countries via its dedicated store here.

Arguably with the T-shirts costing as much as 21 Euros excluding delivery costs, the plush toys won't come cheap and won't certainly be the only line of accessories and products launched by Rovio.

Angry Birds has been in the limelight over the past few days after Rovio's publishing partner, Chillingo, was acquired by Electronic Arts for $20 million.

The wildly popular game has already been downloaded more than three million times on the Android platform thanks partly to the fact that Rovio partnered with Google to give the game for free.