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SAP Seeking Gag Order For Oracle Trial

SAP has asked a federal court judge to issue a gag order for the upcoming of the intellectual property theft case brought against the company by Oracle.

The move comes after a New York Times journalist claimed that former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker had known about the intellectual property theft committed by SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow and had done nothing about it.

Leo Apotheker is now the new CEO of Hewlett-Packard, which hired him to replace former CEO Mark Hurd.

SAP claims that this kind of negative publicity could influence the decision of the jury and has asked the judge to order the lawyers from both the sides to refrain from giving statements to the press.

The fiancee of the New York Times journalist Joe Nocera, who wrote the article, was a senior executive at a company which handles the publicity for the law firm representing Oracle.

SAP's lawyers said in the court filing: “Although the author denies knowing that his fiancee's law firm represents Oracle, he does not deny that she was the source of the detailed information and evidence he cites in his article.”