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Scottish Cybercriminal Pleads Guilty

The ring leader of a cybercriminal gang has pleaded guilty to charges of infecting thousands of computers with malware.

Matthew Anderson, a resident of Drummuir, Aberdeenshire, was arrested by local police following investigations into the cybercriminal gang called m00p. Anderson, who used the online aliases"warpigs" and "aobuluz," was alleged to be the leader of the hacking group and was responsible for distributing malware through spam messages.

The police officials said that the cybercriminal gang distributed malware to a huge number of computer systems around the globe for their own financial gain and also targeted British businesses and individuals.

Anderson pleaded guilty to the charge of causing unauthorised modification to the content of computers, at the Southwark Crown Court.

DC Bob Burls of the Police Central e-Crime Unit (PceU)m said in a statement: “Matthew Anderson methodically exploited computer users not only for his own financial gain but also violating their privacy. They used sophisticated computer code to commit their crimes.”