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Sony Ceases Cassette Walkman Production

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has finally pulled the plug on the portable Walkman cassette player.

According to tech news site PC Mag, the company has said that the last batch of Walkmans was produced in April and that it has no plans to continue its production.

The iconic portable cassette player had revolutionised the market when it was first launched in Japan in 1979.

After a slow start, the Walkman slowly turned into the best selling portable music players in the world.

The Sony Walkman player, which was first called Soundabout in US and Stowaway in UK, has sold 220 million units worldwide in the 30 years it existed.

Sony later incorporated the Walkman brand name with a new line of music oriented Sony Ericsson mobile phones and also introduced MP3 players.

However, the axing of the Walkman cassette player will not affect the production of CD and mini-disc players, which the companies will continue to produce.