Virgin Media Rumoured To Be Launching 100Mbps Broadband This Week

Virgin Media is planning to launch a super-fast 100Mbps broadband service this week, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has hinted.

Explaining who the government will be working alongside within the telecom industry to improve Britain's infrastructure, the PM said during a conference at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) that Virgin Media will be launching a super-fast broadband service this week.

Cameron said that the government was working closely with utility companies to make way for more investments in improving Britain's communication infrastructure.

The UK ISP has so far kept quiet about this week's launch, instead saying: “Virgin Media currently provides the fastest broadband service in the UK, with our 50Mbps service, and we're excited that we will soon be revealing the details of our new ultrafast 100Mbps service.”

According to tech news site PC Advisor, Virgin Media had previously said that its 100Mbps broadband connection will allow users to download a music album in 5 seconds while a one-hour TV show will be able to be downloaded in 31 seconds.