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Wikileaks Iraq War Documents Reveal Civilian Deaths

The controversial whistleblowing website Wikileaks on Friday released around 400,000 secret US army reports on the war in Iraq.

The documents are a collection of well organised war logs based on daily first-hand reports submitted by US soldiers in the field and details the 109,032 know deaths in Iraq.

The leak has a number of prominent global human rights activists and organisation in an uproar as the data paints a brutal image of the torture and death of innocent Iraqi civilians between 2004 and 2009.

According to Human Rights Watch, US forces were training Iraqi soldiers for combat and regularly transferred detainees to Iraqi prisons for torture and murder.

“Field reports and other documents released by WikiLeaks reveal that U.S. forces often failed to intervene to prevent torture and continued to transfer detainees to Iraqi custody despite the fact that they knew or should have known that torture was routine,” the group said in a statement.