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Adobe CEO Denies Microsoft Takeover Rumours

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has finally dismissed the rumours of a possible acquisition by Microsoft, stating that the company plans to remain independent.

According to Reuters, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told Financial Times Deutschland that Adobe had plans for growing as an independent company.

“Adobe's growth prospects are so great that our focus is on seizing these opportunities as an independent company,” Narayen said.

He added that the company liked to keep in touch with all the major IT companies to make sure that its software continues to be compatible with operating systems and devices, including Windows.

The rumours of Microsoft planning to acquire Adobe first started when The New York Times reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a meeting with Narayen and an acquisition deal was also discussed. The report had caused Adobe's shares to rise by 17 per cent.

The two CEOs had also discussed strategies to take on Apple, which has been promoting its anti-Adobe agenda thanks to CEO Steve Jobs. Microsoft also faces a threat from Apple in the smartphone market.