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Apple Partners With Unisys To Boost Corporate And Government Sales

Apple has signed a deal with Unisys Corp. to assist it in getting more business and government contracts for iOS devices.

According to Bloomberg, Unisys Corp. has been authorised by Apple to offer maintenance and other services to businesses and government agencies that use Apple devices.

This is a one-of-kind deal for Apple as CEO Steve Jobs is planning to make a push into the enterprise market, a territory largely dominated by Research in Motions' BlackBerry device.

However, from what Steve Jobs is claiming, RIM might soon see its enterprise market share decline.

According to the company, the iPhone is being tested or deployed by around 80 per cent of the Fortune 500 cmpanies and that the iPad was being tested by 65 per cent of Fortune 100 companies.

Gene Zapfel, a managing partner at Unisys, said during an interview: “Most of those organisations are still pretty heavily PC- based. Apple is going to crack the nut and clients are going to start buying a lot more.”