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Apple Planning Store Check-in iPhone App

Apple is planning to update its Apple Store app for iPhone and iPod Touch with a feature designed to revolutionise the manner in which customers are handled in an Apple retail outlet.

According to MacStories, Apple has been training its retail store employees on how to use the new features on the application ready for a launch in the near future.

Customers who have fixed an appointment on the app store at the Genius Bar will receive a push notification asking them to check-in when they enter the Apple store.

As soon as the customer checks-in, employees will be alerted via the new Concierge feature and they will also be able to check the identity of the customer using iQueue.

On the customer side of the application, people with an appointment will be able to see their waiting time and position in the queue using the iQueue app and see the identity of the employee that will be attending to them using Concierge.