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Blackberry PlayBook video does the rounds

A short video of Blackberry's forthcoming business-centric tablet, the oddly-named PlayBook, has appeared on YouTube.

Until now Canadian BlackBerry maker RIM has played its PlayBook cards pretty close to its chest, locking early samples of the seven-inch iPad-alike behind journo-proof glass with nothing more than a looping video to prove its credentials.

And judging from the video below, there's a very good reason why RIM is keen to keep the hardware under wraps. It doesn't work all that well.

Swiping looks horribly laggy which may not be an issue once the full production model comes to light but we'd be remiss in our duty if we didn't mention it.

The clip was filmed at Adobe's Max conference so there are lots of swipes at Apple and its decision to ban Flash from its iDevices. Quite how playing HD video clips on YouTube is relevant to a device aimed at businesses is a bit beyond us but we'll let them have their fun.