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eBay Launches Instant Sale Scheme

eBay has rolled out a new scheme for its US customers, set to allow them to instantly sell their old or new gadgets for cash.

According to eBay, the eBay Instant Sale scheme has stemmed from its Re-sell, Re-use, Recycle initiative that allowed users to get rid of old gadgets in an environment friendly manner and get paid for it.

The newly launched eBay Instant Sale service will allow users to offer the name, model and make of their gadget and receive a cash offer instantly.

If users decided to sell it off, then a free label will be given to them and the money will be wired to their PayPal account.

“While eBay Instant Sale is certainly not the first of its kind to hit the internet, we are optimistic that eBay’s marketplace – which includes more than 90 million active users – will bring the program to unprecenented scale,” the company said.

"Our hope is for the program to not only bring electronics recycling to the mainstream, but put cash in the pockets of eBay buyers and sellers, and help to streamline the selling experience for them."