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Garmin And Asustek Enter New Phone Partnership

Garmin has entered a new partnership with Asustek, which will see the company offering its navigation tools on Asustek's self-branded Android powered smartphones.

According to Reuters, the company has decided not to produce mobile phones under the Garmin-Asus brand name, but to follow a strategic cooperation roadmap for smartphones.

Benson Lin, general manager of Asustek's personal mobile devices business, said in a statement to the media in Taipei: “We are moving from co-brand to brand cooperation, and we will use Garmin's solutions in our new Android phones exclusively for a couple of years.”

The announcement comes after Garmin had said that it would quit its ailing smartphone business if sales didn't pick-up.

Confirming the improvised partnership with Asustek, the company also added that it would continue to offer support to the people who had already bought a Garmin-Asus smartphone.

Garmin also hinted at plans for making its navigation functions available on popular application stores.