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Gemalto Sues Google Over Patents

French SIM card security provider Gemalto has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google in the US.

The company has claimed in the lawsuit Google's Dalvik virtual machine, that runs Java-based applications on Android, infringes on three patents belonging to Gemalto.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, also accuses smartphone makers Motorola, HTC and Samsung for selling devices that infringe its patents.

Gemalto claimed that the technologies cited in the patents were developed by the company at its research lab in Texas in the 1990s.

A spokesperson for Gemalto said in a statement to the AFP: “This lawsuit is necessary to protect our investment in innovation. The technologies we develop and associated intellectual property rights are essential to Gemalto's future.”

The Gemalto lawsuit is the latest in the string of patent infringement cases brought directly or indirectly against Google and its Android OS. Previously, Microsoft had sued Motorola, while Apple had chosen to sue HTC. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.