Google Instant Beta Comes To Droid Devices

Google has rolled out the beta version of its Google Instant search tool for select Android-based devices.

The tool, which allows users to view search results as soon as they begin typing a search query, has been spotted on Droid, Droid X and Droid Incredible smartphones in the wild.

Readers of Android related news blog DroidLife were the first to report the inclusion of Google Instant on Android handsets.

One reader wrote on the DroidLife forum: “On my moto droid, on the google search page, under the search box, there is a line that says "instant (beta) is on". Never noticed that before. It works alright, it is a bit slow on bringing up the instant results.”

The internet giant had first launched Google Instant on the desktop version of its search engine in a bid to stave off competition from Bing and Yahoo, which have joined hands in their fight against Google.