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IBM Addresses Cloud Computing Security Fears

IBM is trying to dispel the security and privacy concerns shared by businesses over the adoption of cloud computing.

The company has conducted a worldwide survey of around 500 IT managers in order to highlight the doubts that the industry has regarding cloud computing. IBM found that privacy and security were the two major concerns related to cloud computing.

According to the IBM survey, 42 per cent of IT managers considered cloud computing as 'extremely risky' while 35 per cent and 24 per cent of IT managers believed that cloud computing was 'somewhat risky' and 'not all risky' respectively.

IBM also reported that a huge 61 per cent of IT managers were reluctant to hand over sensitive company that to a third party cloud services provider while 50 per cent said that they feared data breach or loss.

In order to tackle the concerns cited by IT managers, IBM has announced new cloud computing strategy roadmaps and has promised to perform a complete threat assessment for cloud computing.