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If you don't like Street View, move house

Google chief Eric Schmidt told interviewers at CNN recently that if they didn't like to be on Street View they could simply move house.

For some reason CNN cut that bit from the interview when it was broadcast but versions of the interview which ciruclated on the web did contain the quote.

According to the Wall Street Journal's All things Digital CNN said Google did not ask for Schmidt’s remark to be edited from the broadcast version of the show, rather that decision was made by the producers. Evidently producers who have no eye for a story.

During the interview, Schmidt said Google does doesn't read your Gmail but does "keep the searches you do for roughly a year, year and-a-half and then we forget them."

Referring to Street View he said: "We drive round exactly once, so you can just move, right?"

He claimed Google is "very careful" not to have real-time information about where you are on its Street View and Google Earth. "You'll have to do a search for that kind of information", he said.

Asked whether a user could tell whether a persons' car is at home, he said such information wouldn't be viewable in real time. Besides, he said, the resolution doesn't allow it.

As you can see below, that's not entirely true...