'Just Move' If You Don't Like Street View Says Google CEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has advised people that have a problem with his company's Street View service to "just move".

According to The Wall Street Journal, the CEO made the controversial remark during a interview on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” TV show.

Schmidt, who is known to make similar remarks on how much information Google has on its users, said that the Street View only comes round once, so people that are concerned about their privacy can "just move".

Later, a Google spokesperson e-mailed WSJ, explaining the remark made by the CEO.

The spokesperson said: “The point Eric [Schmidt] was making is that our Street View service provides only a static picture in time, and doesn’t provide real-time imagery or provide any information about where people are.”

The spokesperson also added that Google has offered users the ability to notify the company if they wanted to get their images removed from the mapping service.