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NEC Adds Fault-tolerant Support For Microsoft's Hyper-V

NEC has announced that its NEC Express5800/ft series servers will come with support for Microsoft's Hyper-V on NEC's fault-tolerant hardware platform.

The Express5800/ft series servers allow customers to run mission critical applications for small businesses and will now offer support for Microsoft's virtualisation platform.

Mike Mitsch, a senior executive at NEC America, said in a statement: “The fault-tolerant hardware has to be aware of, and support, the hypervisor. Being able to run Hyper-V on fault-tolerant hardware addresses the needs of mission-critical applications.”

According to Information Week, NEC's Express5800/ft series server comes with technology removes the role of CPU and memory in order to eliminate the risk of downtime owing to hardware issues.

“As you use virtualisation, hardware failures become more significant,” the NEC executive said.

Microsoft's Hyper-V tool coupled with the fault-tolerant servers proves to a formidable combination as it allows customers to run critical applications with minimal risk of system downtime.