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Nintendo Sees Apple As A Bigger Threat Than Microsoft

Nintendo considers Apple to be more of a threat than Microsoft, which is on the verge of launching Kinect motion gaming device.

In an interview with Forbes, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that Apple could hurt its market share more than Microsoft.

The Nintendo executive added that, even though Apple could hurt its market share, the iPhone maker catered to a "casual" customer base that craved "distraction". Nintendo on the other hand, offer a more wholesome gaming experience that immersed its customers.

However, as CNET reports, Apple sold 14.1 million in the previous quarter, all of them quite capable of playing mobile games, while Nintendo had sold 342,000 units of its DS handheld gaming device.

Therefore, it would not come as a surprise if Apple made a significant headway into the mobile gaming market with the iPhone and actually started to hurt Nintendo.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console,even after being considerably behind Nintendo's Wii in terms of popularity and sales, is growing its market share at an alarming rate, the latest data released by NDP suggests.