Samsung To Unveil New Android Phone Soon?

Korean electronics giant Samsung will unveil a new Android device on the 8th of November at 6PM in New York City according to an invite that was sent out to selected members of the press.

Androidandme says that this might be a so-called Google-experience phone, one which will run Gingerbread, the next major iteration of Android OS and which, like the Nexus One last year, would be a "blueprint" handset.

The blog reported a few days ago that the phone might come with an AMOLED screen (very likely since Samsung produces them) and built in support for MasterCard PayPass, a contactless mobile payment service that could give Android (and Samsung the edge).

We wrote this morning that Google will be shipping Gingerbread very shortly as it started to randomly place statues near the buildings where the OS is being developed.

Further rumours point to the fact that Samsung has already shipped the handsets to mobile phone operators at least in the US. Absolutely nothing has surfaced in the UK yet which could underline the prospect that this is a US-centric launch.