Sony To Sell PSP Go For £159.99 In UK

The price of Sony's medialess portable gaming console, the PSP Go, has been falling steadily over the past 24 hours with the device selling for as little as £159.99, a whopping £65 cut from the suggested price of £225.

Online retailer totalPDA appears to be the first one to sell the PSP Go for this price with free priority delivery with Amazon flogging the gadget for £175, again including delivery.

Only a few hours ago, Sony announced that it would be cutting the price of the console in North America to $199, a drop of $50 from its original RRP.

Japanese gamers will get an even greater discount with prices of the PSP Go - which was released just over one year ago - tumbling down by more than $110.

It is not known whether the move by Sony was motivated by poor sales worldwide. Amazon reports that the PSP Go has been their best selling PSP console, surpassing the standard PSP-3000 model which is around £25 cheaper.

The PSP Go is almost half the size of the PSP-3000 and weighs 160g, making it as portable as the majority of slide out smartphones on the market.

It comes with a 3.8-inch screen, 16GB internal memory, Bluetooth 2.0 technology, Wi-Fi, support for M2 and the ability to download content from the Playstation Network.

Critics however have panned it for not supporting the popular UMD storage format, something that prevented gamers from reusing their existing games on the new console.