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Times Websites Traffic Down To 362,000 Monthly Visitors

The Times and The Sunday Times websites have seen an 88 per cent drop in the number of people viewing stories since the implementation of the paywall, a study has shown.

Conducted by research firm Nielson, the study was held to determine the impact of pay wall on News International's websites. It showed that The Times and The Sunday Times websites had an average of 362,000 per month between July and September.

The Guardian reports that the pay wall has not proven to be a great success for the news company, with the online traffic to the websites' home page declining by 55 per cent. The number of people going through individual stories has also declined by 88 per cent.

The traffic metrics released by Nielson are in stark contrast with the 3.96 million unique visitors the websites had in Q1 of 2010, before the pay wall went up. Now, both websites have a combined monthly visitor base of 1.78 million for Q3 2010, out of which only 20 per cent are willing to pay for the news articles.

The data released by Nielson, which was compiled from the traffic generated by only UK homes and businesses, doesn't include the number of pages viewed per user or the average time users spend on the site.