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Tweet starts Android Market stampede

Sometimes the Internet gets its teeth into the tiniest fragment of information and bandies it around as immutable fact, much to the denigration of the truth.

Yesterday's little nugget of information, which has been churned into a big deal by anyone with a shoddy one-man blog and the ability to type with two fingers, comes courtesy of an anonymous Tweet from a Twitter user called AndroidDev. The account may or may not be an official one. These things are, after all, all too easy to fake.

The simple seven-word missive which reads, "One hundred thousand apps in Android Market" has launched a thousand stories presenting the reaching of the milestone as incontrovertible.

Do you people honestly think that Google would keep that particular nugget to itself?

Mind you, with Apple's iTunes App store recently hitting the 300,000 App mark, perhaps the folks at Android are keeping quiet.