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Ubuntu To Ditch GNOME For Unity

Canonical has announced plans to remove the GNOME user interface from its Ubuntu OS and replacing it with Unity, a UI that will bring a netbook-like feel to Ubuntu desktops.

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has said that the next Ubuntu iteration Natty Narwhal, aka Ubuntu 11.04, will sport a multi-touch enabled Unity UI. The Unity UI was debuted with the netbook release of Maverick Meerkat.

Shuttleworth made the announcement during his keynote speech at the Ubuntu Developers' Summit in Orlando, Florida.

“We took a divergent view on some key design issues - where the application should appear, how one searches for applications and how the applications should be presented - they weren't embraced by the designs in the Gnome shell,” he said in a statement, Channel Register reports.

Canonical's decision to distance it self from GNOME could have a serious impact on Ubuntu. However, as long it does not mimic Microsoft's Windows, it could do fine.