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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now Houses 1,000 Apps

The Windows Phone 7 app marketplace has crossed the 1,000 app milestone within 3 weeks of its launch.

According to WMPowerusers, Microsoft's fledgling app store now houses over 1,000 apps.

The news comes after Google announced on its Twitter account that the Android Market app store now had more than 100,000 apps to offer. However, the two app stores are no where near Apple's iOS App Store, which has more than 300,000 apps.

In the current market scenario, the success of a smartphone platform is determined by the quality and quantity of applications available for the platform and Apple's App Store is a live example of that. Apple recently announced that it had sold a record 14.1 million iPhone in the previous quarter.

RIM is also doing everything it can to attract developers to its App World BlackBerry application store. The company recently launched an updated version of App World that allows users to sync their BlackBerry smartphones to the web based application store to download and install apps directly to the device.