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Zotac preps dual-GTX 460

Zotac, one of Nvidia's more proactive partners, has disclosed details of a dual-Fermi GPU set-up based on the GF104 derivative otherwise known as GTX 460.

The report comes from Expreview and presents a brand new card similar to the company's previous attempt at a dual GTS 250 card. There is even some photography of the exposed PCB and layout of the card.

Zotac has squeezed in two GF104s on an odd-shaped PCB. The power circuitry is above the GPUs, instead of at the end of the card, which actually makes the PCB stand out taller than a full-height card. Two six-pin PEG connectors hook up to the power supply for extra juice effectively making it a sub-225W card, and at the same time thriftier than a GTX 480.

The dual-GPU configuration is bridged by an nForce 200 chip, as in most Nvidia dual-GPU solutions. However, the card also has an SLI connector, so you can plug it into a system with another card (identical or not) for SLI+PhysX or Quad-SLI (yum!).

The cooling solution isn't final either, so the photography doesn't specify the option taken. You could just assume it'll be similar to the one used in the company's dual GTS 250, which was custom built.

We'd heard rumours before of Nvidia's AIB partners trialing dual-GPU GTX 480 configurations, but the likelihood and power requirements would make such a card dreamware. A dual-GTX 460 is by far much easier to accomplish (provided you can get chips in quantity) and considering the performance on current GTX 460 SLI configurations, you can expect this card to knock the socks off anything else short of a HD 5970 or SLI GTX 480/470.

The card is tentatively called a Zotac GTX 460 X2 and will be interesting to see how it faces off with the GTX 580 that Nvidia is launching next month - both performance and price-wise. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.