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4 Things About The New Virgin Media 100Mbps Broadband Service

Virgin Media has announced that it will be launching its new 100Mbps service in December, ahead of BT's launch of its own 110Mbps fibre-optic broadband product in March 2011.

The new 100Mbps broadband service comes with a number of new features that make it a pretty unique offering at a very decent price, especially for consumers.

The service will come with a new device, one that integrates the modem, router and wireless access point and falls short of adding a tuner or a PVR (personal video recorder), one which we believe may have been manufactured by Cisco/Linksys based on a rumour about its involvement and the fact that it sent a congratulatory press release very early in the morning.

Virgin Media has confirmed that the hardware provided will support speeds of up to 400Mbps in the future once eight channels are bonded together (according to Docsis 3.0). The company has been doing 200Mbps tests as early as May 2009 and, since 2008, has committed to a 200Mbps service by 2012.

The service will have a 100Mbps downloads speed and even more importantly, a 10Mbps upload speed; in other words, Virgin Media is saying that its upload speed will equal or surpass the download speeds of many copper-based ADSL services in the country. A speedy upload speed means shorter times uploading videos or photos online and better performance if you do a lot of (legal) P2P.

The service will cost £45 per month with those opting for bundles will get the 100Mbps service for as little as £35 per month when bought in a bundle. This excludes any promotion that the cable provider may be doing like the one where you get a £50 credit on any online purchase and a £7.50 discount for three months.

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