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Apple Offers Free Engraving For iPad

Apple has announced that it will be offering free engraving service for the iPad although etching a two line message on the back of the device means that it won't be refundable.

Opting for the engraving will extend the delivery time and will apparently only be available as a delayed service (i.e. you won't get it instore straight away).

The iPad is expected to be one of the more popular gifts this Christmas and chances are that Apple won't be able to meet the extra demand.

A recent report by Duracell showed that Apple devices (the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad) would become the most demanded items during the festive season by children and teenagers.

The service is already available for the iPod but understandably not for the Macbook or the iMac range

Customers will also be able to pay £3 to get a festive-themed gift wrapping service for the iPad should they want to offer it as a gift to someone.