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Chinese company wants $800 million for iPad name

A Chinese company says it owns the name iPad and wants Apple to stop selling the device in the country.

According to the Beijing News, Proview Technology registered the trademark in January 2000 and has since held failed negotiations with the Cupertino Cabal.

Apple started flogging the iPad in China last month after long delays and the development of a lively grey market in devices covertly shipped in from Taiwan, Singapore and further afield.

Proview reckons the trademark is worth at least $800 million and wants the gadget maker to cough up the cash, renegotiate a deal or "immediately stop its rights infringement activities".

A spokesman for Proview's parent company said that Apple's decision to sell the iPad in China was "Illegal" and "arrogant".

Preview has threatened to ask Chinese authorities to "seize relevant Apple products" if it doesn't get its way... or a great big suitcase stuffed with yankee dollars.

Apple has always struggled to get a foothold in the Chinese market with its premium products being dismissed as extravagant American frippery.

That and the fact that you can by an identical knock-off for about the price of a bowl of noodles.