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Dutch Police Shut Down Bredolab Botnet

Dutch law enforcement authorities have arrested the man behind the notorious Bredolab botnet that had infected more than 30 million computers worldwide.

The arrest comes one day after the police disconnected 143 servers belonging to the botnet in Netherlands.

The man arrested is a 27-year old Armenian and is considered to be the brains behind the massive botnet network.

The Dutch prosecution service said in a statement: “At the request of the national (Dutch) prosecution service, a 27-year-old Armenian believed to be the brains behind the notorious Bredolab network, was arrested at the Yerevan international airport last night.”

According to the authorities, the cyber criminal network run by the Armenian was capable of infecting 3 million computer systems every month and was sending out 3.6 billion virus laden e-mails to users daily by the end of 2009.

The botnet was used by the gang to procure sensitive financial information like online banking credentials to steal money. The Dutch authorities said that the owners of the infected computers will be sent notices detailing the extent of the damage done by the botnet and ways to eradicate it.