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Everything Everywhere Reports Slight Growth

Everything Everywhere, the company formed after the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, has posted a slight growth in its financial performance with a 1.4 per cent increase in its total user base.

The sales of Everything Everywhere increased to £1.8 billion, amounting to a 0.1 per cent growth. Despite the low margins, the company is optimistic that significant growth will be seen in the near future.

The rise in sales has been attributed to the increase in contract customers by 185,000, accounting for 43 per cent of Everything Everywhere customers.

The rise in the popularity of smartphone has also fuelled sales as 75 per cent of contract sales were credited to smartphones.

The company also said that one million mobile phones users out of the 27.9 million customers had opted for the joint-roaming deal based on the massive network of the two mobile phone carriers.

Tom Alexander, the CEO of the company, said in a statement to The Press Association: “The UK market remains highly competitive but once we get through our period of transition and we are able to leverage both our scale and joint networks as well as realise the proposed synergies we expect to see further progress on improving our financial position.”