Google Nexus Two : What To Expect?

Google is said to be on the verge of launching the son of Nexus One, the Nexus Two, a launch which will be done, according to City AM with the help of Carphone Warehouse (and possibly Best Buy).

Although the initial report said that Samsung won't be involved, we're almost convinced that the Korean chaebol is the chosen one as it gears up to announce its Google-experience smartphone on the 8th of November as reported by Androidandme.

The phone is likely to be an upgraded version of the widly popular Galaxy S smartphone, a phone which was announced in March 2010 and which is already slightly long in the tooth.

We'd expect the new phone to sport a slightly bigger screen (a 4.3-inch capacitive model with Corning's Gorilla Glass like the HTC Desire HD) but most importantly one which is HD ready, to make full use of Gingerbread's most eagerly awaited future.

Furthermore, Samsung has a point to prove against the iPhone 4 which currently has the highest pixel density (326ppi); 1280x720 pixels anyone?

The Nexus One may also be the first one to feature the Orion, a dual core application processor that's the successor of the current 1GHz processor found in the Galaxy S.

The processor, which was launched in September 2010, packs two ARM Cortex A9 processors and a whopping 1MB cache.

The rest of the spec list should be comparable to any top of the range handset; Wi-Fi, an eight-megapixel camera, at least 512MB RAM (most probably 1GB), 32GB internal storage (to match the iPhone) and surprise, surprise, support for MasterCard paypass which may mean that the phone will have built-in RFID electronics.