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Google To Sell Nexus Two Via Carphone Warehouse?

Google may be planning a new Android-based Nexus Two smartphone that will be exclusively available through UK high store mobile specialist Carphone Warehouse.

Financial freesheet City AM reported yesterday that the two companies have already brokered a deal and that the phone will arrive in the stores in time for Christmas.

It would, according to City AM represent a major shift in the sales strategy of the search giant as it moves from carrier to retailer exclusivity, one that it believes might solve an issue that has affected sales of the Nexus one, the fact that people were not able to try and test it beforehand.

Google stopped selling the Nexus One earlier this year, less than 12 months after it has been launched. It was the first time that the firm launched a consumer product on such a wide scale.

As for the Nexus One, it is likely to be a Gingerbread based model and City Am says that it is unlikely that it will be manufactured by Samsung although we know that the latter has scheduled an event for a Google-based handset next month.

It is interesting to note that Carphone Warehouse has a strategic partnership with US-based Best Buy. Will Google therefore sell the Nexus Two in the US via Best Buy?