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LibreOffice Suite goes beta

The Document Foundation's free LibreOffice is a productivity suite spun off from OpenOffice, and compatible with other major office suites like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and ThinkFree Office. LibreOffice is available on a variety of operating system platforms.

As Stewart Meagher reported here several weeks ago much of the erstwhile coding team bailed out from the Sun Microsystems project to set up a new, independent organisation after Sun was swallowed up by Oracle. The Foundation says its mission is to facilitate the evolution of the community into a new open, independent, and meritocratic organisational structure over the next few months.

The LibreOffice beta packages are intended to provide a first impression of what LibreOffice is, and the developers emphasise that this beta release is not intended for production use, with a caveat that installing it might replace your installation.

Supported platforms include Microsoft Windows. various GNU/Linux 32-bit distributions, also various GNU/Linux 64-bit distributions, and Apple MacOS X.

The release notes say that there are a gaggle of language issues currently being worked on and, while the LibreOffice branding and renaming is new and work in progress, you may still see old graphics, icons or websites.

Other issues noted are that filters for the legacy StarOffice binary formats are missing, and adding a caption to a frame in Writer causes a crash.

The brave and curious can download the LibreOffice beta here.