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LimeWire Ordered To Shut Down

LimeWire, one of the largest file sharing platforms in the world, has been served with a permanent injunction order by a federal US court.

The court has ordered LimeWire to disable its searching, downloading, uploading and file trading features on the software.

Visitors to the LimeWire website are greeted with a legal notice which reads: "This is an official notice that LimeWire is under a court ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software."

The court's decision comes after a lengthy court battle between the Lime Group and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The US court found that the platform knowingly allowed massive copy right infringement to be carried out by its more than 50 million users.

“In January, the court will conduct a trial to determine the appropriate level of damages necessary to compensate the record companies for the billions and billions of illegal downloads that occurred through the LimeWire system,” the RIAA said in a statement to The Guardian.

The Lime Group acknowledged that it was out of the file-sharing business for good but would return with a new and legal software platform soon.