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MacBook Air gets storage boost from PhotoFast

Early adopters of the new MacBook Air models have barely unboxed their razor-sharp laptops but some are already bemoaning the self-proclaimed future of notebook computing's lack of storage.

The 11-inch Mini Me model in particular could be said to be a wee bit deficient in the storage department sporting, as it does, a maximum of just 128GB of NAND Flash.

Owners of the smaller machine may be jealously eyeing the big brother's bumper 256GB of SSD storage, which is soldered directly onto the motherboard, but here's a little secret Steve Jobs didn't let slip in his recent keynote.

The 11-inch model's 128GB SSD comes in the form of a removable mini-PCIe module.

Which is a nugget of information which didn't get past the folks at PhotoFast who have rushed out a matching 256GB stick capable of slotting into the super-slim thigh warmer.

You will, of course, need some special tools in the form of a five-point torx screwdriver for the outer case, and an unhealthy disregard for your Apple warranty, as footling around inside will almost certainly turn that into scrap paper.

The Taiwanese outfit's GMS SFV1 Air upgrade kit not only comes with the double-sized SDD, as a bonus you also get a clever USB 3.0 adaptor which means the 128GB (or 64GB) module you've just ripped out of your Mac won't be gathering dust in a drawer with all of the other unloved victims of memory upgrades you've collected over the years.

And you'll be able to use it to get all of your valuable data back onto your MBA with a minimum of fuss, and you'll have a 128GB thumb drive to boot (literally if you've left the OS intact).

It's all run by a Sandforce controller and PhotoFast reckons it's 30 per cent faster than Apple's inbuilt SSD, but that's quite likely to be a consequence of Apple's conservative benchmarks held against the Taiwanese company's overenthusiastic ones.

PhotoFast is currently looking for distributors outside of the Far East, so it's not clear if this will ever make it to market. As such no price has been set but we've consulted the runes and decided it would have to come in at well under £300 in order to float.