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News Corp Launches Revamped MySpace

MySpace has launched a revamped version of its social networking platform in the US, with the UK version to be rolled out soon.

The overhauled social networking platform will be more content oriented, focusing on social entertainment.

News Corp-owned MySpace has been struggling with the dwindling numbers of members owing to the rise of Facebook, which has now more than 500 million users world wide.

The company said that it was making the platform more about music discovery and content. The UK version has been designed to focus on exactly that.

The website has undergone a vast amount of changes, including a new recommendations and trending features. Even the logo has been changed to a single word 'My' and an underscore symbol to represent space.

Mike Jones, chief executive of MySpace, said in a statement to The Telegraph: “Our new strategy expands on MySpace’s existing strengths - a deep understanding of social, a wealth of entertainment content and the ability to surface emerging cultural trends in real-time through our users.”