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Schmidt backtracks on 'move' comments

A missive landed in out in-box last night, addressing a story we wrote yesterday concerning Google CEO Eric Schmidt's comments about its Street View and Google Earth products.

His interviewer, CNN's Kathleen Parker, was concerned that by using Street View and Google Earth people could have a look around her virtual house and see if her car was parked outside.

Schmidt responded: "We drive round exactly once, so you can just move, right?"

Now, according to the missive we received, Schmidt is now eating humble pie over remark

"I clearly misspoke," the statement attributed to Schmidt reads. "If you are worried about Street View and want your house removed please contact Google and we will remove it," he is officially said to have said.

Naturally, Google means no harm to your health, wealth or well being - it simply and honourably just wants to make as much money out of you as it can. Honest.