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Schmidt On Hot Seat After Street View Snafu?

The fact that we received a statement from Google hours after publishing our original report about Eric Schmidt "Just Move" declaration during a CNN interview shows that Google may be trying to cover its beleaguered boss.

Some like Blorge and The Register are going as far as saying that he's an idiot and a gaffe-prone executive that needs to be monitored.

It is not the first time that Schmidt has courted controversy with his declarations; back in August 2010, he declared that young people should consider changing their names in order to escape their online pasts.

Then there's the one where he argued that if users are concerned about the personal data Google has on them, then they could be doing things they should be doing anyway.

Google is now clearly in "damage" limitation mode and could have done without such an embarrassing episode and we're not sure whether Google should have wait so long to react to the initial outcry.

However, like for Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, lambasting Google is quickly becoming a national pastime, at least amongst journalists, a fact that's directly related to importance of the search engine giant in our lives.