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SKT To Develop Own Mobile Platform

SK Telecom (SKT) has announced plans to invest Won 1,000 trillion ($890 million) in developing global mobile platforms in competition with Google, Apple and Facebook.

The company, which has dominance over 50 per cent of South Korea's mobile market, said that as more and more people buy smartphones, there was a need to develop mobile operating systems and other platforms to provide adequate services.

SKT plans to investment the money in developing applications and software over the next three years and offer its services in the US, South East Asia and China.

Apart from opening its platforms from third party developers, SK Telecom is also planning on developing its own mobile content and services. The services will include maps, music, mobile commerce, messaging, social networking.

Jung Man-won, the CEO of SK Telecom, said in a statement: “Carriers around Europe are mulling developing a software platform there. We will eventually compete against Google, Apple and Nokia in the operating system area.”