Sony Refuses To Comment On Playstation Phone

The Sony Ericsson Playstation phone that has been photographed and exposed at Engadget may or may not be a fake, depending on who to believe.

Respected gaming website Nowgamer initially published on its website that images of the phone were "debunked" by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as being fakes.

But since then, the company has changed its stance and confirmed that its official line on the rumoured phone would be the usual "we do no comment on rumour and speculation".

Dave Cook, the author of the post, said that the website talked to SCE earlier today and that that they have asked Nowgamer to take down the quote altogether which they did (although they did not change the slug OR the image text).

Engadget published pictures of the phone earlier today and some commentators were quick to point out some inconsistencies in them although to be honest, you'd be hard pressed to say whether it is a fake or not especially when you look at the close up pictures.

The Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone apparently shares some features with the Sony PSP Go and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10; Engadget says that it will come with a 1GHz processor, a 3.7-inch (or bigger) WVGA screen, 512MB RAM and Android OS 3.0.

As for the change of statement by SCE, it might just be due to the fact that SCE Europe and Sony Ericsson are two different companies, something that many might have overlooked.