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Streaming Traffic Ahead Of BitTorrent

A new study conducted by web analytics firm Sandvine has revealed that more US web traffic is on online streaming services like Netflix rather than BitTorrent and P2P clients.

The study found that BitTorrent and P2P had taken a step back with a share of 13.2 per cent, while real-time entertainment, that is video and music streaming websites have garnered a share of 45.7 per cent of all US online traffic.

In the US, Netflix represented 20 per cent of all web traffic, indicating that despite what record companies are claiming, people are opting to use legitimate ways of watching movies or listening to songs.

Dave Caputo, the president of Sandvine, said in a statement: “For a subscriber the Internet is the Internet, regardless of when, where or how they connect to the network and that is consistent in our findings. Usage plans and personalised services that appeal to the broadband-individual, rather than the broadband-household have become the Internet of today.”

Sandvine is the company behind a software tool for Comcast that allowed it to throttle the connection of BitTorrent users.