Vimeo Launches Couch Mode For Google TV

Popular online video viewing and sharing platform Vimeo has added a new feature on its website that will allow users to watch full-size videos on large TV screens and Home Theatre PC systems.

The newly launched Couch Mode, which will also be accessible from Google TV, will be a full-screen video player with huge navigation buttons and no intrusive user interface.

“Couch Mode is a special new section of Vimeo that allows you to watch collections of videos (such as Staff Picks, your inbox, your videos, etc.) completely uninterrupted like a TV channel. Just press play and grab the popcorn,” the company in a blog post.

The service can be accessed by visiting

Some of the Vimeo features that can be accessed from Couch Mode are the HD playlist, Staff Picks, videos uploaded by users, videos from the channels users have subscribed to and favourite list. Users will also have access to the Watch Later feature.