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Virgin Media 100Mbps Broadband Is Too Expensive Says BT

BT commented on the launch, by Virgin Media, of a 100Mbps broadband package by saying that while it is very good for the UK to have superfast broadband, the top of the range offer from Virgin Media might be too expensive for most families.

The statement from BT's Press Office says that "BT is already rolling out fibre broadband to approximately 17 million homes and businesses" and that Virgin Media's "new service is more than twice the price of BT's fibre product" and so they "are surprised by the high price when most family budgets are tight."

Virgin Media covers "only" 12 million households although that number is growing fast and its network is not opened to the competition unlike BT's fibre optic one - not that Virgin Media will not, at some point in the future, consider taking on BT Openreach in the wholesale market.

As for pricing, users will be able to buy Virgin Media's 100Mbps from £45 per month. The cheapest comparable BT package, the 110Mbps, will be available from next year and no pricing has been announced yet.

Otherwise, BT's Infinity, which is a 40Mbps download service with 10Mbps upload, costs £38.28 per month including the line rental and unlimited Wi-Fi minutes included.

That's £7 less than Virgin Media with less than half the speed. VM also has a 50Mbps offer that's more than a match for BT's Infinity and costs £38 per month on its own.