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Virgin Media To Sell 100Mbps Broadband For £45 Per Month

The tug of war between Virgin Media and BT continues on as the former announced that it will start taking preorders for its 100Mbps cable broadband service shortly after BT said that it would be launching a 110Mbps Fibre Optic Broadband in March 2011.

Interested parties can already register here after having checked whether the service will be available in their area. All four postcodes we tried (three in London and one outside) are eligible for a 100Mbps upgrade which could mean that Virgin Media only needs to flick a switch for it to be rolled out.

Virgin Media confirmed back in February 2010 that it would be launching such a service and has also been testing 200Mbps lines in Coventry; interestingly, the hardware that Virgin Media will be using will be compatible with up to 400Mbps speeds although we'd certainly need to wait for some time before this happens.

The package will be available for as little as £35 when bought as a bundle with TV and telephony or £45 when purchased on its own; Virgin Media expects the roll out to be completed by June 2012 with around 13 million households included in the initial run.

The announcement came as Virgin Media revealed its results for Q3 2010 and days after it started its new Speedy Gonzalez complete with cheesy billboard.