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Apple Faces Law Suit Over iPad Name

A struggling Taiwanese computer screen maker has threatened to sue Apple over the iPad trademark, claiming that the company owns the rights to the name in China.

According to the state run People's Daily, Proview International, which registered the name iPad back in 2001, claims that still owns the right to the name in China.

The company has threatened to file a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple if the company refuses to hold negotiations with it. Proview International said that it would ask for a compensation of 10 billion yuan, or £950 million, and ask the courts to seize infringing Apple products.

Proview International claims that its subsidiary Proview Taipei registered the trademarks for the name iPad in Europe and other important markets in 2000. Another subsidiary, Proview Technology, had applied for the iPad trademark in China.

When the company's iPad product failed to perform well, Apple bought the trademark from Proview Taipei. However, Apple did not purchase the trademark rights in China from Proview Technology.